Quiz Club is run by Jonathan, an unashamed and unabashed trivia nerd. Originally from Dorchester he moved away in search of adventure and found it in South America where he created and ran the greatest Pub Quiz in Argentina for more than 3 years.

He soon tired of the adventurous lifestyle and returned to Dorchester where he and his lovely wife happily lived a quiet, uneventful life surrounded by family and friends. However, as the months went on, he began to feel restless and unsatisfied. He loved being back in Dorset, but there was something missing, a home that no amount of Jurassic Coastline could fill.

This emptiness gnawed on him, made him feel unsettled until one day he was struck by inspiration. For the first time he could see the void clearly, he could see the shape it took and he knew that only one thing could take away this vacuum and make his life once again complete.

And so was born the Dorchester Quiz Club.